Endangered Animals Bingo – Marcel George


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Bingo! This twist on the traditional, family-friendly game is packed with 64 endangered animal species, superbly illustrated by Marcel George and with fun facts to learn. Find astonishing and beautiful creatures from all over the world, like the okapi, the whale shark and the southern sea otter. Be the first to mark off your card and it’s BINGO!

All these animals are under threat, but there’s still time. A proportion of proceeds from this game are donated to charities dedicated to saving these animals and their habitats. 

Contains endangered animals tokens in a printed fabric bag, one board, 12 bingo game cards and counters to mark up the cards, plus a leaflet of info about all the different species. 

Recommended for ages 4+. Check out Farm, Australia’s Deadly Animals and Dinosaur Bingo, too.