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In the Ant-Tomic Game, your explorer commando Ant-tomic is getting ready for winter. Take advantage of the picnic season in the park and steal food items from other players. The more ants you have, the bigger food items they can take.

Setup: each player receives an anthill card to store their food, and three cards from the deck. Cards have two parts: a grass part with a number of ants, and a tablecloth part with a food item with the number of ants required to take it. There are also special cards with additional rules.

Gameplay: in their turn, the active player plays one card from their hand and places it face up in front of them (the so called ‘tablecloth-area’). Once the card is played, the player may discard a number of ants in their tablecloth-area to steal a food item from other player’s area which value matches the number of discarded ants. If so, the active player steals the food item and places it under their anthill. The active player then completes their hand of three cards, and turn passes to next player.

Play continues until deck and hand cards are exhausted. The food items are then scored with a number of stars related to their value (1-10: 1 star, 11-19: 2 stars, 20-25: 3 stars). Player with most stars wins.