3D Colouring Set – Sci-Fi Fun


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Take your colouring to the next dimension with Tiger Tribes 3D Colouring Set – Sci-Fi Fun! This super cool set allows you to create awesome optical illusions. Simply colour in (using the warm/cool principle*), pop your special 3D glasses on and watch your artwork pop off the page!
3D Sci-Fi Fun is jam-packed with colouring pages, coloured markers and your very own pair of TT 3D glasses! In fact, everything you need to transport you to another dimension, all in one self-contained box, with a magnetic flap to keep contents safely stored.

Designed for easy portable play, Tiger Tribes colouring sets provide a welcome alternative to screen time, providing a must-have item for when mum and dad need some time out at the cafe and perfect for keeping little hands busy when travelling.
At just 14 x 21cm each compact set is the ideal size to throw in your bag before you head out the door. 
3D Sci-Fi Fun contains:
36 x 3D colouring in pages
3D glasses
10 markers
* 3D glasses make warm colours appear closer and cool colours appear further away. Experiment while you are colouring in, with both warm and cool colours to make your pictures look 3D.

Ages: 5+