The Den Kit Company – The Natural Fabric Art Kit


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The Den Kit Company’s Natural Fabric Art kit contains everything you need to decorate your own flag and bunting with two different methods: hapa zome and natural dye painting. Plants have been used by people to dye fabric, skin, hair and stone since before recorded history – as decoration, to communicate, for camouflage – and just for fun! 

Mix the dried natural dye powders with a little water to make a paint-like consistency. Dip the brush into the dye, and decorate your calico cotton triangle flag and bunting. Pop the finished flag onto a stick once it’s dry (you’ll need a stick the right width to fit inside the sewn edge) and thread the bunting flags onto the twine. So fun!

Contents: calico flag and set of 5 mini bunting flags, natural twine, 3 tins of powdered natural dyes – turmeric, beetroot and spinach, wooden paintbrush, mini mallet made from coppiced wood, instructions and hessian bag.

The Den Kit Company celebrates children’s ingenuity, innovation and creativity. The den kits and activity kits encourage unstructured, outdoor play with robust, authentic components that are carefully and ethically sourced to last. No batteries, single-use plastic or ‘pretend’ tools. Just the freedom to create, imagine and have fun!