Playin Choc – Chocolate 12-day advent calendar


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This lovely Playin Choc advent calendar is beautifully presented with 12 drawers. Open one a day in the countdown to Christmas to reveal a delicious vegan milk chocolate, 3D puzzle toy and fun facts card. Once you’ve opened the drawer, replace it back to front to form a new picture that’s completed on Christmas Eve. You can also open up the outer sleeve of the advent calendar into a landscape to play with all 12 toys. 

Check out the 24-day version, too. 

12 x 10g chocolates: 100% organic: dairy, nut, gluten, soy and plastic-free!

Playin Choc’s super-delicious chocolate is vegan, organic and made of just three natural ingredients: cocoa beans, coconut and vanilla. The lovely ToyChoc boxes come with fun, educational toys for kids to self-assemble, made from 100% recycled biodegradable card.