A Quick History of Maths – Clive Gifford


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Maths + history + jokes – boring bits = A Quick History of Maths. This book is the story of maths itself, illustrated with fun cartoons and fascinating facts. It starts around 43,000 years ago with a notched baboon leg, the Lebombo bone (the very first mathematical object in the world) and takes the reader past Hindu numerals and the invention of zero, via Pythagoras, Pascal and probability, right up to the present day, with big data and the maths that rules our digital lives. 
Discover lots of brilliant ideas and concepts, from how to count on your fingers (there are more ways than you might think!), why we have 60 seconds in a minute, how to count like an Egyptian (using hieroglyphs), a Pythagorean party trick to how to do matha-magic with magic squares and so much more. 

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